Bio-Identical Hormones

Bio-identical Hormones Using Insurance Via Telemedicine

We accept insurance to do an evaluation of what is gong on with you. We can order blood work at Quest labs that should be covered by your insurance. We accept insurance to do telemedicine visits.

We will discuss bio-identical hormones that have to be compounded verses things like vivelle that contain the same hormones estradiol that the human body produces. If cost is a major factor, we can order vivelle for you.

The advantage of choosing the compounded bio-identical hormones is that you will not only get estradiol, but your cream will also contain estriol, which is a milder hormone that does not bind to estrogen receptors as strongly and does not turn on cell division as much as estradiol. Therefore, estriol might be protective but there are not enough studies to prove this for sure.

Compounded bio-identical hormone creams can also be made with progesterone and testosterone. Currently there is no topical version of progesterone available. Dr. John Lee, MD in his famous book, “What Your Doctor May NOT tell you about Hormones,” talked about how natural progesterone is very different from synthetic progesterone or Provera and there are advantages to getting it as a cream as opposed to the oral formulation which is currently available at the local pharmacy.

In the book, “The Secret Female Hormone,” the authors talk about the advantages of testosterone for women but unfortunately there is no topical testosterone that is approved for women at the local pharmacy. With a compounded bio-identical hormone cream, we can include this hormone that helps women have better sex drive, muscle strength and energy. This hormone might also help with losing weight.

We accept insurance to do an evaluation and discuss all the different options, including those available at a regular pharmacy. If you choose to do Bio-identical hormone creams, we charge a fee of $150 as compounded bio-identical hormones are considered a concierge service that is not covered by regular insurance. This is a yearly $150 fee in addition to what insurance is billed for your visit.

If you are able to come to our clinic, we can also insert hormone pellets. If you want to get started with bio-identical hormones please fill out the form at this link and we can help you schedule an appointment. If you are able to come to an appointment, that is preferred as a medical visit including a physical examination is much better in person. However, if you live far away and want our help with bio-identical hormones using your insurance, we can definitely help you in the State of Florida via telemedicine.