• In order to schedule a telemedicine visit, please email us at instead of calling.
  • If you are a new patient, kindly fill out the Patient Forms here. Please email the forms to
  • A copay will be requested based on the amount from your insurance plan. If you do not have insurance, the fee for a telemedicine visit is $95.

Download “VSee Clinic” from your app store.
Works on phones, laptops, ipads/tablets.
(Make sure microphone & speakers are on.)

Waiting room Code: 2j3ki

Waiting room Code: l5doh

Waiting room Code: hzfpk

Enter one of the following codes prior to your appointment, to enter the virtual waiting room:
Dr. Svetlana Hanson, MD- MMONH
Simone Brady, APRN – XXUG9
Brittany Booker, APRN – 3W9RT

* If you do not have an iPhone, the VSee Clinic app might not work for you. If so please login through one of the websites below.

For Dr. Svetalana Hanson

For Brittany Booker, APRN

For Simone Brady, APRN