Concierge Health Optimization Program

We can help you with optimizing health using numerous cutting-edge methods.

  • Use more detailed tests that help evaluate and optimize health status
  • Advise on how to optimize health
  • Use natural hormones when indicated to optimize performance
  • Discuss supplements that might benefit function
  • Provide a service where you can text us securely even after hours.
  • Counsel on aesthetic treatments to optimize appearance

In order to provide these services we will be charging an annual fee of $1000. If you sign up before the end of the year we will give you $1000 in credit to use towards aesthetic treatments.

You can pay this upfront as $1000 in which case you will be able to use the entire $1000 for different things such as lasers, facials, Botox, Fillers, ALCAT test, saliva test etc.  Click here to pay that.  

Alternatively, you can pay $100 per month and you would only be able to use as much of that amount for optional services as you have paid to date.  Click here to pay the $100/month.  

To sign up to be a patient with Dr. Bawa and Associates, please click this link pay the annual $500 fee. 


We like to do an advanced cholesterol test that not only checks cholesterol but also looks at particle size and inflammation which also increase the risk of heart disease.  Discussing these results take more than what the insurance allows so we decided to charge this concierge fee to cover our time.

Depending on your health goals and issues, we often order more detailed thyroid tests, test of micronutrient levels, genetic testing, food sensitivity tests, saliva tests, micronutrient testing and coronary calcium score to determine your health status

For the detailed cholesterol test, we use Quest lab’s cardio-IQ tests which should be covered by insurance and if insurance does not cover it, Quest limits patient payment to $50 for these advanced tests.

We like the detailed thyroid and hormone panels with Quest  Labs and that should be covered by insurance.  If you do not have insurance, we have discounted pricing for these tests.

Other tests such as saliva tests for hormones, ALCAT test for food sensitivity, micronutrient tests and coronary calcium score are optional and out-of-pocket.  We will help you choose which tests you need and help you decide which tests you should do and which are not necessary given your heath status and goals.

Instead of $1,000 you can pay $100 per month. 

Please write to and tell us why you need our services and cannot afford the monthly fee and we might be able to waive the fee for you.  There are only limited waivers available.

No, you would need to purchase supplements.

We will bill your insurance but you might have a copay or deductible.