CoolSmooth Pro

Thighs are one of the most common areas that we see patients seeking correction to. This is because targeting the outer thighs is quite difficult and regardless of your diet or exercise regime this area is hard to shed fat from. Oftentimes people will seek resolution through invasive techniques like liposuction. These treatments are expensive and require an extensive amount of downtime.

The good news is that with the CoolSmooth Pro patients can get up to a 20% decrease in fat through just one treatment. This applicator lies flat over the outer thigh and was designed to cover more of the target area, particularly in areas that are hard to paint.

Did you know…

One of the most common areas people seek treatment for is the stomach and thighs. This procedure can play a big part in reducing fat in problem areas, without the pain of surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can CoolSmooth Pro Help?

This FDA approved device works by freezing fat cells. Once the fat cells die, your body eliminates them through its natural body functions. As a result, patients can expect both immediate results, as well as results over time.

Because this procedure is so simple, patients can schedule their appointment in the middle of the day and return to work or their day to day routine. The best thing about CoolSmooth Pro is that it doesn’t put you at risk for infection of complications because it is non-invasive.

Does It Hurt?

CoolSmooth Pro is pain-free and most commonly results in just a tingling sensation. Because of this patients can come for treatment at any time. And while there aren’t many risks associated with the procedure it is important that patients avoid blood thinners 10 days before the procedure.