Hand Rejuvination

No matter how much plastic surgery you’ve received, there was always one way to tell how old someone really was. Take a look at their hands. Thankfully plastic surgery has come a long way and those with hands that are showing the ravages of age now have a recourse to restore soft beautiful hands. Hand rejuvenation is the newest craze, and there are two tried and true methods for bringing a youthful vitality back to tired hands. C02 laser treatments and fillers like Perlane, Restylane, and others can restore volume to hands that are thinning with age.

Did You Know?

Aging causes hands to reduce in volume, causing veins to protrude, bulge, and the overall hand to acquire a bony look. In many people age spots develop and sun spots become more prevalent. For many years if you were unhappy with the look of your hands there wasn’t anything you could do, the technology for hand rejuvenation just didn’t exist. Thankfully that’s changed, and you can now take control of the aging process of your hands. From brightening creams to C02 lasers its possible to get a hand-lift that will make them look young and vibrant again.

Laser Hand Rejuvenation

This technology is used to treat the skin on the back of the hand, resurfacing it and restoring youthful vitality. Like most treatments laser rejuvenation is aimed at encouraging the production of fresh collagen to restore a lush, supple quality to your hands that makes them appear youthful. C02 laser treatments are used to target melanin, the pigment that causes the appearance of sun and age spots.

Hand Injectables and Fillers

Injectables are particularly good for use in small areas that require subtle treatment to restore a youthful appearance, making them perfect for use in the hands. Perlane, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Restylane can all be used to restore lushness to soft tissue areas, though fat injections are often used as well. The purpose of all these treatments is to fill in the hollow and collapsing areas of your hands to restore them to a plump and vibrant look. Like laser treatments the visual effects of fillers can last a year or longer.

Topical Hand Rejuvenation

These treatments are typically good to use in between more aggressive methods like hand injectables and laser hand rejuvenation. Products like Retin-A help to build collagen and help skin regain a firm, smooth appearance. Others can be used to address concerns like sun and age spots by blocking the production of melanin through the use of hydroquinone. Lumixyl is available in most physicians offices and has the benefit of not causing the same kind of irritation that can be found in over the counter products.

Don’t let another day go by with old tired hands. Contact your dermatologist or cosmetic specialist today to talk about restorative treatments for thinning hands with age or sun spots. These innovative treatments can help bring back the youth and beauty your hands used to possess, and help to preserve what they have remaining. Call today!