Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

We accept insurance to do a medical evaluation of what is making it difficult to lose weight.  We do detailed tests including checking male/female hormones, thyroid hormones, insulin resistance scores to see why you are having trouble losing weight.  We also try to understand if there are any medical conditions or lifestyle issues that need to be improved.  Some people suffer from fatigue, sleep apnea or mood issues that make it difficult to lose weight.  We try to address these issues prior to launching on an effort to lose weight.

We try to optimize hormone levels if possible to help make it easier to lose weight.  If we find that there is insulin resistance, we try to use medications or natural supplements to help with insulin resistance.

What hormone adjustments do you do?

Many menopausal women close to menopause have trouble with weight due to excessive estrogen relative to progesterone.  Adjusting these hormones with bio-identical hormones can help.  Women also needs testosterone and this helps with energy, sex drive and metabolism.  Men also get low testosterone due to aging and exposure to chemicals such as BPA that are like estrogens.  Adjusting these levels helps make it easier to lose weight.

What medications do you use for weight loss? 

Medications such as metformin and Saxenda/Wegovy help with insulin resistance.  Ozempic and Wegovy have the same generic ingredient, Semaglutide but Ozempic is approved for diabetes and Wegovy is approved for weight loss even though it is used at a higher dose than Ozempic.

Phentermine is very commonly used for weight loss as it is very inexpensive.  Contrave contains wellbutrin that helps with stress and mood and naltrexone that helps with cravings.  Qsymia contains phentermine and topamax.  Topamax has been used for many years for preventing migraines but it also suppresses appetite.  If cost is an issue, we can give you the generic ingredients of Contrave or Qsymia.  We also like to know all your medical problems as some people who have migraines would benefit from topamax for migraines and weight.

We accept insurance to talk to you in detail and find out what all you have tried in the future and help determine what would help you going forward.

What are some natural supplements that can be used for weight loss?

We like MIC Ultraburn injections that have several vitamins including methylcobalamin (better form of B12), B1, B3, B5, B6, B12, chromium, Methionine, Choline and Inositol that help make it easier to burn fat.  The fat cycle that burns fat to produce energy uses B vitamins or cofactors or enzymes to help burn fat.  Having more of these B vitamins makes it easier to burn fat.

What types of results can I expect after completing a medical weight loss program?

Weight loss outcomes vary from patient to patient and treatment carries no guarantee of results. However, patients who are a part of a medically-personalized weight loss program are more likely to obtain significant long-term results than those who attempt to lose weight using diet or exercise alone.