Parallel Plates

Most men and women have something that they would like to improve about their body. For most, it’s achieving a more sleek appearance. While you can squat, lunge, and eat as much protein and lettuce as the next person, not everyone’s body responds in the same way. CoolSculpting parallel plates are FDA approved to freeze fat on a person’s thighs, stomach, and love handle area. When a person’s cells are frozen, they die. Over time these dead cells are then excreted by your body’s natural functions.

Did you know…?

The thighs are some of the largest muscles in the body. By reducing the fat that covers them, you can see how well your muscles are sculpted.

Why CoolSculpting?

The CoolSculpting procedure using Parallel Plates is FDA approved because it carries little risk of infection or other complications that you might run into through other procedures. One of the best features of this procedure is that it does not have to be performed under general anesthesia.

It’s a great option for people who live a healthy lifestyle and are simply looking to get rid of stubborn fat. During the procedure, you’ll sit in a private room and sit while two plates are placed over the area being treated.

The procedure takes about an hour, after which you will see a clear difference in how your thighs look. It is pain-free and the most common feedback we hear from patients is regarding the vacuum created by the parallel plates.